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ಶ್ರದ್ಧಾವಾನ್ ಲಭತೇ ಜ್ಞಾನಂ

Amruthur Education Institution


To date, the institution has benefited by the philanthropy of well-intentioned individuals and organizations. All donations to the trust are allowed income tax deduction under Section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

Of significant mention are the contributions of Mr. A. N. Jayaram and Mr. A. V. Vasudevan. Mr. Jayaram has been responsible for the purchase of the land, the main assembly hall (dedicated to his father), 5 classrooms, desks and chairs for the classrooms, and the children's park (dedicated to his mother). Mr. Vasudevan has supported the construction of the kitchen, the amenities for the preparation & distributions of midday meals for the students, utensils, chairs for the parent-teacher meetings, and two classrooms dedicated to his parents' memory.

Apart from this, people have contributed towards one or more classrooms, and the many things that are needed to keep the schools running smoothly. Some of the ways people have helped (and continue to help) the trust are listed below to illustrate how you can lend a helping hand to this noble cause.

Annual contributions for school & college expenses

  • Help with school uniforms & school bags for rural students
  • Contributions towards notebooks and writing materials
  • Setup a corporate fund to meet annual expenses

Fixed Monthly scholarships for deserving students

  • Provide monthly scholarship for 10th standard students with highest marks in 9th standard
  • Provide monthly scholarship for 7th standard students with highest marks in 6th standard

Year-end prize amounts for high-performing students

  • Prize for any student getting highest total marks
  • Prize for the girl student getting highest total marks
  • Prize for the girl student getting highest marks in Kannada (state language)

Development of school & college infrastructure

  • Constructing more classrooms to accommodate the growing student body
  • Setting up a small generator for the institution
  • Providing furniture for the classrooms
  • Construction a guest house for visitors and guests

Providing amenities for the students

  • Procuring more computers for the students' use
  • Furnishing the library, having a minimum of 10000 books
  • Donations of sports equipment for the students' use
  • Improving the laboratories & adding teaching aids

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list of what has been done. Nor is this a limit on what can be done. The trust recognizes that there is scope for each individual to help the institution in their own way. The trust welcomes new ideas. Please contact the trust to see how you can lend us a helping hand.