श्रद्धावान् लभते ज्ञानम्

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ಶ್ರದ್ಧಾವಾನ್ ಲಭತೇ ಜ್ಞಾನಂ

Amruthur Education Institution


Amruthur Education Trust has purchased 4 acres of land within Amruthur by the side of the main road, and has put up the school and college buildings in a portion of the land, the rest being utilized as a playground for the children.

The trust has provided 16 classrooms (all fully furnished), a large assembly hall where the entire school assembles in the morning for prayers, one meeting hall, separate rooms for staff, offices for the heads of primary and high schools, a library, laboratories, a computer room, a school office, and an office room for the trust. The assembly hall and the meeting hall have been furnished with updated lighting and furniture.

A stadium and an open air theater with a raised platform and seating for about 800 people has been constructed, for conducting dramas and other outdoor activities. A borewell, pump and overhead tank with increased water storage has been added to meet the daily usage needs of the institution.

The main building of the high school


The trust has provided many amenities for the quality education of the students. There are well furnished classrooms for each class with all necessary teaching aids. There is a library with a good collection of books, including a few encyclopedias. Recently, an audio visual system, projector and educational material were added to the library. There are separate laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology, with all the needed equipment. The schools have maps and charts needed for social studies.

A typical classroom with students

A petrol-driven power generator has been provided for emergency lighting. The institution now has more than 12 computers, with a qualified teacher to educate the children about computer fundamentals.

A kitchen with all modern amenities like a boiler, steam cookers, utensils, LPG gas stoves, and plates & tumblers for each and every student has been provided. Electrification of the kitchen and the primary school has been completed. Another kitchen has been added out of government grants. Drinking water supply is provided by borewell, overhead tank, deep well pump and taps. Separate toilets for girls and boys are present. A park with playground utilities has been made available for kindergarten and primary school children.

Playground for the primary school kids